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Create News 3: Dr Maurna Crozier interviews Dragan Klaic

Create News 3: Dr Maurna Crozier interviews Dragan Klaic


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Dr Maurna Crozier, with Dragan Klaic

In the late 1980s the all-pervasive ‘two traditions’ model of Irish society was being widened, mainly to be more inclusive of the variety of economic, social, gender and age differences which it failed to articulate. It gave way to the more generic ‘cultural traditions’ which aimed to give a wider and more benign description to the great religious and political divisions for which Ireland was best known – but which was inaccurate almost as soon as coined, since it did not easily include the incomers bringing different cultural traditions to Ireland by the 1990s. ‘Multi-cultural’ was then generally adopted as the easiest description of the new society which lived in Ireland, though in the north of Ireland ‘cultural diversity’ was the working term, since it incorporated both the malign divisions which were still evident and aspirations for the tolerant diversity which were shared with all of Europe.