Networking Day

Networking Day
Audience at Create Networking Day 2019. Photo: Joseph Carr

Create’s National Networking Day is an annual encounter of exchange and learning about artists’ practices, which operate in the spaces between socially engaged arts, pedagogy, and politics, in order to activate, stimulate, critique, and make change. The Networking Day is a key element of our programme, and aims to build capacity, develop artforms and operate as a platform for connection and exchange between collaborative practitioners and community and civil society interests.

We are delighted to welcome a wide audience to our Networking Day – academics, artists, representatives of community and arts organisations, local arts officers, arts managers, and more. This is a unique opportunity for all of these different constituencies to meet, discuss, critique, and engage with the pressing concerns in the field of collaborative/ socially engaged arts practice. Networking Day takes the form of presentations, workshops, artistic interventions, and of course networking opportunities.

On this page, you can find short videos from the 2015, 2017, and 2019 Networking Days.


Watch video from 2019 Networking Day
Watch video from 2017 Networking Day
Watch video from 2015 Networking Day