Advisory Support

Create is committed to providing advice and support to individual artists and arts organisations throughout Ireland, to assist the professional development of collaborative arts practice in social and community contexts.

Advisory Support
Advisory session at Artist and the Community Scheme Summer School on Cultural Diversity and Collaborative Practice. Photo: Joseph Carr

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"Create has supported the research, development and promotion of our socially engaged art project Uisce Salach (Dirty Water) in Dublin. Their continued assistance, energy and professionalism is of tremendous benefit to us as a collaborative art/science partnership"

Create offers advisory support to individuals and organisations, both through one-on-one meetings with Create and group sessions.

The content of sessions is tailored to the needs of the individual practitioner or organisation. This can be an opportunity for you to discuss planning your work, gathering key information on sources of support, funding, potential partners and/or organisational development.

Regular Collaborative Practice Clinics are run by the Create team and address key aspects of applying for, budgeting for, promoting, documenting and evaluating collaborative projects. These clinics are designed for emerging artists, community organisations, local authorities and established artists moving into collaborative practice.

Create offers office space and facilities, incubation services, a reading room, and Vetting to organisations as well as individual artists.

If you wish to book an advisory session or would like information on becoming a member please contact: info(at)

Project Support

In keeping with a key action of our strategy to create innovative opportunities and ensure reliable supports for artist, artists project development is a very important aspect of our work.

Artist’s project support includes capacity building, offering guidance, brokering project partnerships, offering practical and in kind support as well as supporting artists to make strategic connections to realise longer term artistic and socio-cultural goals. Artists we have recently worked with  include Softday on their Uisce Salach project, Michelle Browne on her City Change Masterclass and Deirdre O’Mahony on Small Farmers’ Guide to Saving the World.

Organisational Support

In keeping with Create’s strategic goal to develop cultural and cross sectoral partnerships to support greater diversity in collaborative practice and strengthen its potential for social change, connections to and strategic partnerships with both arts and community and civil society organisations are essential to the work we do. Organisations Create has recently or is currently working with include Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, Galway City Community Network, Fatima Groups United among others. We are also working with A4 Sounds as a mentor for their yearlong series of socially engaged arts activities under the theme ‘We Only Want the Earth’. This programme interrogates the goals and strategies of social change in Ireland. Create are also working with Common Ground, supporting the development of the Counter Narratives Residency. This residency enables an artist to embed practice in a locality over an extended timeframe, while engaging with community development expertise.


Create shares its facilities (meeting spaces, hot-desk, ICT/AV technology) with artists, networks and organisations. We have recently hosted Counterpoints Arts, Curator Megs Morley, Helium Arts, architect Leticia Lozano (Mexico) Ryan Swanson Urban Gongo (US) Kate Stewart We Make Places (UK) and colleagues from the Cultural Diversity Summer School.

Please contact us if you require a meeting room, or access to facilities- info(at)

Deirdre O'Mahony
Michelle Browne
Common Ground
Fatima Groups United
Galway City Community Network
Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre