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AIC Residencies
Hina Khan, 2018 Residency recipient, in Fire Station Artists' Studios. Photo: John Beattie

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Hina Khan video (2018)
Rajinder Singh video (2019)

Update 24th May 2021: Create and The Model invite expressions of interest for an Artist Residency award from collaborative socially engaged artists who have first-hand experience of displacement and/or are shaped by histories of intergenerational migration. For this residency, candidates may or may not self-identify as refugee, migrant or otherwise through lived experience and/or second generational memories.

The residency takes place at The Model in Sligo and provides opportunities for research, exchange, networking, and learning and is aimed at a professional artist who is interested in developing or consolidating their collaborative/ socially engaged arts practice. The residency runs over four weeks in September 2021. See full details and application form here.

About AIC Scheme Residencies

In 2018, the AIC Scheme established a series of residencies for artists from culturally diverse backgrounds. Each residency aims to support an artist from a minority ethnic or migrant background to develop their collaborative and socially engaged arts practice, and is offered through partnerships between Create and a number of arts organisations and festivals, supporting collaborative and socially engaged arts practice. The residencies take the form of a four-week in-depth process, often scheduled to incorporate Refugee Week. The residencies emphasise the importance of research and development, providing much needed time and space to the artists to grow and develop their collaborative practice.

Working with our partner Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Create awarded the inaugural residency in 2018 to Hina Khan. Hina’s work is the constant search for the best way to interpret ideas and express ideologies through symbolism. Using a mixture of traditional and innovative techniques, Hina’s work portrays social issues, immigration and humanitarian crisis like prostitution, gender discrimination, restrictions, trauma, child abuse and killing.

In 2019, Create again partnered with Fire Station Artists’ Studios to offer a second residency, this time awarded to Rajinder Singh. Rajinder’s photography, video and performance work explore ideas around the vulnerable body and its pain, interrogating the economies of power that deny it space and shape. Often focused on the power of ritual action in the construction of the social body, his practice uses choreography and performative objects to explore the ways the human body unfolds around various topographic and symbolic borders.

Also in 2019, Create partnered with Carlow Arts festival to offer an additional residency, awarded to Chinedum Muotto. Chinedum seeks to work with local communities by using the arts to disrupt the daily narratives around social injustices globally. He has curated workshops in Germany, the Netherlands, America and Ireland, primarily targeting youth.


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