Creative Places: Tuam

2020 - 2022

Creative Places: Tuam

" I am witnessing a place being held. That’s the privilege Creative Places has honoured Tuam with, holding a space, deeply believing in a place and its people"

Creative Places is a three year programme for the people of Tuam. The programme aims to develop a grassroots approach to creativity and arts engagement, building capacity for a rich, engaged artistic and cultural practice in the town and its hinterlands. It makes space for new ideas and new collaborations.

The programme will offer a number of opportunities for everyone to be involved in a meaningful way. With Tuam as our venue, and its stories, history, people and future as our inspiration, Creative Places will utilise residencies, commissions, creative exchanges and development days, community-based artist awards, conversations and new ideas to bring it to life.

This programme will form a key part of Create’s thinking and work over the next three years, and we look forward to working with the people of Tuam to establish a durational, sustainable, community based arts practice in the town. Create will work in collaboration with local communities to create opportunities to celebrate and grow artistic and cultural capacity in Tuam and its surrounding area. We also want to make space for new ideas and new collaborations.

Carolann Courtney is the coordinator for Creative Places Tuam, responsible for programme delivery. Carolann will work on the ground in Tuam and engage directly with communities, artists and project stakeholders to successfully realise the programme’s aims and objectives. Carolann will be based in Tuam on Wednesday and Thursdays, and working off-site on Fridays. She can be contacted at creativeplacestuam[at]


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