Create believes that by working together, artists and communities can purposefully explore how collaborative arts engage in distinct, relevant and powerful ways with the urgent social, cultural and political issues of our times.

Drawing by Fiona Whelan, What Does He Need? - Boys in the Making workshop (2021). Photo: Joseph Carr

"Create connects artists, communities, arts and civil society organisations, funders and donors in a rich ecosystem of support, mutual learning and commitment to societal change."

We invite you to join us as we work to realise our vision of a society that values its artists and invests in the active participation of diverse publics in multiple forms of artistic and cultural expression.

Your support will:

€10 facilitate an artist and community member to access professional development / training opportunities, to enable them to work effectively together
€25 help us enable research and advocacy about outstanding collaborative art projects all around the country
€50 assist artists and community stakeholders to realise ambitious and unique participatory arts projects in their community
€100 allow artists to advance social justice, equality, human rights and diversity through their collaborative work, including supporting an artist from a minority ethnic or migrant background to access specific supports they need
€250 help build a world class library and research centre for collaborative and culturally diverse arts practices.


If you would like to get closer to our work contact Director Damien McGylynn at or Communications and Publishing Manager Keelin Murray