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AIC Scheme Bursary 2022: Collaborative Arts and Cultural Diversity Information Session
Automatism of contemporary human - activation of the audience. Gea Gojak and project participants, Youth Theatre Novi Sad. Photo: Aleksandar Ramadanović.

AIC Scheme Bursary 2022: Collaborative Arts and Cultural Diversity Information Session

Information session

27th July 2022



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This event is offered free of charge, though booking is essential. Attendees will be emailed instructions on how to attend online, in advance of the event.

Create and partner the Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) are pleased to announce an online information session for the AIC Scheme Bursary on Collaborative Arts and Cultural Diversity.

On Wednesday 27th July, Create will host an information event for artists in relation to this bursary. In this information session Áine Crowley, Programme Manager, Arts and Engagement, will outline the Bursary, answering any questions you might have about making an application. She will be joined by Patricia Munatsi, Policy Lead, Irish Network Against Racism. 

The focus of discussion will frame the context of this Bursary, the application process and how a Bursary could help facilitate and support experiment, research and professional development. Artist Gea Gojak, previous Bursary recipient (Collaborative Arts and Cultural Diversity, 2021), will speak to her experience and the role the Bursary played in the development of her practice.

The bursary closes for applications on the 15th August.


Gea Gojak is a Croatian theatremaker who uses theatre to explore the way, the means and the language of expression and as an incentive to communicate on relevant socio-political issues. She has produced socially engaged projects that raise questions, communicate with the audience, reveal the world and society as it is, refresh and encourage critical thinking. Gea believes in the potential of socially engaged collaborative art as a means for people to explore their creativity, express the issues that affect them, and examine different ways of being. The main interest of her work is to raise critical awareness towards society.


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