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The Art of Relevance, Nina Simon

The Art of Relevance, Nina Simon

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On a regular ongoing basis, Create staff will recommend an article, book, or performance that has caught their eye.
The Art of Relevance by Nina Simon is our choice this month. Nina was until recently the Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (“The MAH”), where she employed the Of/By/For All model, imagining museums that are reflective OF their communities, co-created BY their communities, and welcoming FOR their communities. This model opens up the museum in new ways, increasing audience numbers, participation and collaboration by the local and winder community.
The Art of Relevance is a guide to mattering more to more people. Featuring inspiring examples, case studies and research-based frameworks, this accessible book also lends practical advice on how the work of any organisation – museum, library, theatre, park, church or afterschool programme – can be more vital to the community.

Nina Simon
The Art of Relevance
Paperback, 191 pp, 2016
ISBN: 9780692701492