Promotional Guidelines

Promotional Guidelines
CAPP Cartographies: Susanne Bosch. Part of Practice and Power, June 2018, Dublin. Photo: Joseph Carr

Create retain editorial oversight over all social media, eBulletin and website content we publish, and cannot guarantee promotion of any opportunity/ event/ other that we receive.

Each advertisement received is assessed for:

  • Relevance to the field of socially engaged/ collaborative art
  • Commitment and evidence that artists are being treated according to best practices
  • Evidence that artists will be paid or offered substantial supports; opportunities which offer prizes only must include a clear description of the prizes and the judging process.


Create will share advertisements/ opportunities on our social media and eBulletin where relevant. We will not share external advertisements on our website.

Requests for promotion received via social media accounts’ DMs or private messages will not be considered.

Create will not promote calls for unpaid internships or work. We will advertise Internships only when they are paid or, at a minimum, equitable expenses are covered.

We will only promote Job Vacancies that meet or exceed the minimum rates of pay for adults. This is in line with the Arts Council’s Paying The Artist policy, and our own Artists’ Pay Policy.

We will promote Publications which seek to publish or feature artists work with no fee only when all publication costs are covered and artists receive other forms of support.

We reserve the right to request further details if we are not satisfied that the job or opportunity does not treat artists in an equitable manner, and require such advertisers to supply details of their Equitable Treatment of Artists policies as part of their advertisement.



Please ensure that you have included (* optional):

  • Text: 100-250 words in MS Word doc
  • Weblink to further information. We cannot attach any files so please provide a link
  • Social media links
  • Image with caption and credit (attached to email, not embedded in word doc) *
  • Contact name and email

These items should be sent to info[at]