Learning Development Programme


Learning Development Programme
Bruno-Humberto was a guest artist for Create's Learning Development Programme 2012

"Create provides experiential learning opportunities for artists looking to develop the skills to work collaboratively with communities of place and/or interest"

Development of new ways of learning

Create values and promotes the development of new ways of learning in regard to collaborative practice in social and community contexts. The new generation of emerging artists working in different social contexts often have few supports in examining questions of who makes art, who they make it for and how it is made. In isolation, conventional ideas of training cannot necessarily respond to the developmental needs and status of this ever evolving sector. Create encourages, supports and fosters initiatives around learning to expand and challenge thinking about ideas, processes and practices in the collaborative arts arena, as well as what constitutes a ‘community’.

Working in partnership with a number of arts organisations and educational institutions, Create provides experiential learning opportunities for artists looking to develop skills to work collaboratively with communities of place and/or interest.

Learning Development Programme

The Learning Development programme is a unique initiative between Create and Dublin City Council’s exhibition and project space The LAB Gallery, and third level art institutions which have included NCAD, IADT Dun Laoghaire, DIT(TU) and the Tisch School of the Arts (New York University). It is an experiential learning programme for students and artists engaging in socially engaged collaborative practice. DCC’s The LAB is closely involved in shaping the programme as well as offering access to curatorial expertise.

The National College of Art and Design in Thomas St, Dublin initiated the Public Art Placement programme in 2002 in collaboration with Create. The impetus behind the initiative began with the provocation – what happens when fine arts students collaborate with communities to produce an artwork?

Since then the programme has evolved year upon year becoming the Learning Development Programme; student artists identify organisations, groups and communities who they propose to engage with through the programme. Create support the introductions and seeding of the resulting collaborative relationships.

Learning Development Programme 2018: CAPP Fellows

In 2018 Create, working with The LAB and DIT(TU), IADT and NCAD, offered an important opportunity for emerging artists to connect to our Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) in a significant learning and development initiative as CAPP Fellows. Nominated by their colleges, the four selected CAPP Fellows were third-year and fourth-year Fine Art students with a strong interest in collaborative practice.

In addition to attending CAPP Staging Posts the Fellows (Bianca Kennedy and Gemma Browne from DIT; Patricia Donnelly and Eileen Manaliff  from NCAD) played an important part in delivering Practice and Power in June, when an international community of artists, participants, community activists, thinkers, policy makers and programmers gathered in Dublin. This event marked the culmination of a series of public Staging Posts held at key points across the CAPP partner network over 2017/2018. Practice and Power marked the final and most significant dissemination moment for CAPP and as such was an event of key import for students of the Learning Development Programme.

The 2018 programme marks a further development in this long-standing arts education programme developed and delivered in partnership with the LAB Gallery and supported by Dublin City Council Arts Office.

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