Evaluative Framework

Evaluative Framework
CAPP Cartographies: Susanne Bosch. Part of Practice and Power, June 2018, Dublin. Photo: Joseph Carr

"The aim of this programme of work is to lead the design and development of new modes of evaluation appropriate to the practice"

Create is pleased to be working with TU Dublin as part of an Irish Research Council-funded post-doctoral fellowship entitled ‘A New Framework for Evaluating Socially Engaged Art’. Dr Gráinne Coughlan is working with us to produce a framework for evaluating socially engaged art by proposing a new lexicon for its analysis and practical methodologies for implementation by diverse stakeholders, that compliments the requirements of intrinsic and instrumental value of the practice.  

This work builds on previous work on an Evaluative Register involving Gráinne and our partners Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Bealtaine (Age and Opportunity), Fingal Arts Office (Public Art Programme), IMMA (Engagement & Learning Dept.) and the University of Limerick.

Evaluative Register for Collaborative Arts

The aim of this programme of work was to lead the design and development of new modes of evaluation appropriate to the practice, and in doing so, inform national and international policy development. The project generated greater understanding at an institutional and policy level of the value of collaborative arts, taking into consideration the critical concerns within the field of collaborative/ socially engaged arts practice, such as process, quality of relationships and outcomes.



Fire Station Artists' Studios
University of Limerick
Age and Opportunity
Fingal Arts Office