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New AIC Scheme Case Study: Marielle MacLeman
Care Quilt detail. Calico, thread, plant dyes, tea, milk, iron, copper. Marielle MacLeman, 2022.

New AIC Scheme Case Study: Marielle MacLeman



We are delighted to feature a case study from 2018 AIC Scheme Bursary recipient Marielle MacLeman. Marielle was awarded the Bursary in Collaborative Arts in Health Contexts.

Marielle will be exhibiting a new textile work, Care Quilt and Moral Boundaries I, at Dublin Arts Book Fair 2022 (24th November – 4th December). Using plant dyes and tumble drier lint, MacLeman’s work draws attention to the invisible labour of care and its role within systems in built and natural environments. The work pieces together a range of perspectives and experiences stemming from the extended dialogue of To Care, a collaborative programme by Workhouse Union and VISUAL.

Read the full case study here.

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