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MASI Journal No. 1
MASI Journal No. 1. Photo: Keelin Murray

MASI Journal No. 1

News, Featured publication


MASI Journal No. 1 is the first journal produced by MASI (Movement of Asylum Seekers Ireland), which coincided with their conference “Towards a More Human Asylum Process”, held at Liberty Hall on the 5th October 2019.

This beautifully designed and produced journal, 123 pages and in striking full colour, is a substantial representation of the voices of those who have been or currently are experiencing Direct Provision. It features contributions from activists such as Evgeny Shtorn and Bulelani Mfaco, artists such as Vukasin Nedeljkovic and Nasir ElSafi, writers including Asad Mahmud, and poets Donal O’Kelly and FeliSpeaks. Also featuring photos of protest, children’s posters, and artworks by adults, young people and children living in Direct Provision, this journal is presented as the first in a series –with the aim that later issues will reflect a changed and improved asylum process in Ireland.

MASI formed as a grassroots group in September 2014 when a group of asylum seekers locked the gates of a Direct Provision Centre in Cork, preventing the staff and management from accessing the building. The lockout lasted ten days and led to a successful renegotiation of terms between residents and management. MASI has applied this grassroots initiative in the past five years, and it is evident in this journal, which eloquently speaks to the power of art and activism as a form of expression.


Editorial Team:

Irma Bochorishvili
Lucky Khambule
Anne Mulhall

Design and Production:

Victoria Brunetta
Kate O’Shea

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