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DIY14 Katherina Radeva
Katherine Radeva, Identity is a complex thing.

DIY14 Katherina Radeva



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Call for Participants

DIY 14: 2017 – Katherina Radeva: On Otherness

Identity is a complex thing. We are a multiplicity of things: of gender, of culture, of language of politics. Difference is beautiful. So ticking just one box is no longer relevant. It isn’t that simple.

Project summary

Never more than now, does it feel like we are defined by difference.

Differences in what we are and we are not. Never more than now does it feel like redefining belonging and otherness is an urgent response to what is happening around us. This DIY is an exploration on otherness. What does it mean to be on the other side, whose side, what side, in the in-between, in the indefinable, in the “i don’t want to define it”, in the “it’s your fault”, “you can’t blame them”. This project is about dialogue. A dialogue about the beauty of difference.

How to apply

Applications are invited via the link below. Included are questions on you and your practice, what you hope to get out of the DIY, and your thoughts on belonging.

The deadline for applications is Mon 19 June at 12noon.

Dates, times and location

Dates: Fri 15 & Sat 16 Sept 2017
Times: 10am-6pm
Location: Dublin

The artist

Katherina Radeva is a performance maker and theatre designer, broadly speaking. She writes, designs, performs, produces, teaches, draws and paint. A co-director of Two Destination Language, an award winning performance duo based in England and Scotland, and a solo artist. Past work with Two Destination Language includes Near Gone (2013) about grief and not knowing; Manpower (2016) a punchy political show about otherness, power and Brexit; A Journey of a Home (2011) an audio one on one piece about travel and migration; Dusty Feet (2014) an interactive installation about signs and meaning; and Landed, an intimate piece about love created with six non professional people aged 65+ which continues to tour. Two Destination Language’s new show, Declining Solo, is a piece about ageing and decline in people and cultures.