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CAPP Research Residency Meet You at the Green? awarded to Dan Dorocic
Image: T-haus Berlin, on-off architecture collective (2015).

CAPP Research Residency Meet You at the Green? awarded to Dan Dorocic



CAPP Research Residency Meet You at the Green?

Successful Applicant

Create, Callan Workhouse and Trasna Productions are delighted to announce that the successful applicant for the Meet You at The Green? Research Residency is Dan Dorocic.

Dan Dorocic is a Berlin-based architect, geographer and environmental designer.

He holds a Master of Architecture with Distinction, from Bergen Arkitekthøgskole (BAS). He is co-founder of architecture collective on/off and co-founder of the art platform anti-forum.

Dan studied geoscience in Montreal at McGill University (B.Sc) whereupon he switched to work and study in Environmental Design in Toronto as well as Australia and Norway. Dan worked on a number of participatory design-build workshops in China, Korea, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Slovakia, Israel & Palestine Italy and elsewhere as an employee of on/off, antiforum and raumlaborberlin.

Dan has also curated a number of exhibitions: Future Ruins architecture exhibition (2013), the Hardbakka Commons workshop & exhibition in Bergen, Norway (2014-2016) as well as works at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (2014 & 2016).

He is currently working on a publication on the theme of Co-machines, which documents a new multi-media mobile disruptive global architecture movement.

Meet You at The Green?

Meet You at The Green? Research Residency is a two month residency to take place between February and May 2017 at Callan Workhouse Union (CWU). It is part of CAPP’s Residency Programme which seeks to explore new models of arts participation and cooperation and encourages exchange of artist’s methodologies and practices in context.

The aim of the Residency is to explore the possibilities of an engaged/ collaborative practice within the context of the Meet You at the Green? project, and the rich rural arts ecology of the town of Callan and surrounding region. The residency will support research and shared dialogue with curatorial support from the CWU team. As the residency develops CWU will make introductions and link the artist to various rural community groups and development organisations, local government agencies, planning authority, arts organisations and additional places and groups of interest.

Meet You at The Green? is a year-long project focusing on participatory spatial practice and asks the question, ‘how do we inhabit our small towns?’. Exploring our common landscape and built environment, the project will artistically examine the resources available for young people, older people and intergenerational groups to come together in public spaces in a number of rural towns in the South East region of Ireland. The project will explore participatory spatial strategies through performance, movement and sound, in conjunction with an ambitious design and build project. The Meet You at The Green? residency artist will be supported to research and further their practice within this context. They will be working alongside Meet You at The Green? commissioned Spanish architectural collective Todo Por La Praxis and Irish artists, Michelle Browne, Ríonach Ní Néill and Ed Devane who are all developing collaborative processes with intergenerational and local groups in Callan and surrounding region.

CAPP Residencies are supported through the CAPP overall programme funded through Creative Europe.

Callan Workhouse Union (CWU) is a developing shared space for art, design research and community activities. Since 2013, artist and designer-led projects have been accumulating use and meaning for the buildings new life, bringing access for the public to this significant historic building. CWU’s work extends to projects that examine the future of rural towns, housing, civic infrastructure and the commons.

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