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Call for Volunteers: Practice and Power – Dublin, June 2018
Image credit: Playing up, Seraphina Neville.

Call for Volunteers: Practice and Power – Dublin, June 2018



Practice And Power is a major transnational festival exploring questions of negotiation, exchange and representation in contemporary collaborative arts practice happening 20-23rd June 2018. This four-day event welcomes an international community of artists, participants, community activists, thinkers, policy makers and programmers to Dublin, for the most significant dissemination moment of this four-year European project, Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP), featuring 9 partners across 6 countries. In addition to workshops, discussion events, and networking opportunities, Practice and Power will showcase a selection of CAPP projects, share learnings from the CAPP research process and launch the CAPP project publication.

And we want you to be part of it!

Volunteering puts you at the forefront of the festival experience and presents a valuable opportunity to see how an arts festival of this scale is managed and organised.  Not only this – the voluntary community in Ireland is particularly rich, diverse and warm – and you will become part of a supportive group beyond the event, in both social and professional circles.

Volunteers are the first point of contact for the public – your role may be in ushering and stewarding, supporting event production, assisting speakers or much more. A great team spirit leads to an ideal event experience for both attendees and volunteers, and we want you to help us create a fantastic atmosphere.

The deadline for applications is the 8th of June. Following this, you may be invited to an induction session on the evening of Wednesday 13th June or daytime session on Saturday the 16th June – lasting roughly one hour. Find out more about Practice and Power here or email Volunteer Coordinator Michelle Crean: volunteer@create-ireland.ie


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