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AIC Scheme Bursary Award 2023 Recipients: Evelyn Broderick and Kathryn Maguire
Us Again by Kathryn Maguire. Studio 468 residency 2012 supported by Common Ground. Photo by Ronan McCall

AIC Scheme Bursary Award 2023 Recipients: Evelyn Broderick and Kathryn Maguire

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Create is pleased to announce Evelyn Broderick and Kathryn Maguire as the recipients of 2023 Artist in the Community Scheme Bursaries.


Evelyn Broderick is an artist, maker and ceoltóir with a passion for working collaboratively. The People’s Shed, the core of her practice, threads different ways of collective making and sharing together. The work, and its public presentation as the People’s Shed, concerns itself with themes of radical pedagogy, care, skill-sharing/local knowledge, anti-bullying and solidarity, creating conditions for people to develop skills at their own pace and own way. Methodologies used are informal, a combination of skill sharing, music sessions, peer support, and ciorcal comhra (conversation circles) with no defined outcomes.

Evelyn will use the time afforded by the bursary to critically explore the value of bringing pre-existing methods and processes to a group. She also intends to capture the meaning of a community-based residency, and how working alongside community development has shaped and influenced her thinking. This will stem from engaging with a number of writing workshops; experiments in how to playfully explore her process in words, as well as mentorship and site visits from invited artists and folklorists.


Kathryn Maguire is a visual artist and educator whose practice incorporates socially engaged projects and environmental awareness projects. She creates sculptural installations and interventions, using a diverse range of materials and weaving her visual arts practice with educational facilitation methods, to explore ideas with communities and within the gallery space. Currently, her work is focused on voices of the forgotten and the dead, the silenced and the non-human, exploring how these voices might have agency in memory and history.

Kathryn will use the bursary as focused time to critically reflect on specific collaborative projects of her past art practice, in particular her recent work The Mourning Band. Kathryn will meditate on the historical context and critical content of such works. She will engage with a number of mentors including Ruairí Ó Donnabháin, a member of the Create Artist Mentor Panel. Time and mentorship will support Kathryn in making future works which align with important questions of National value and meaning, in particular concerning the disenfranchised and deceased voices and their descendants.


The purpose of the bursary award, part of the Arts Council’s Artist in the Community Scheme, which is managed by Create, is to support and nurture professional arts practice, for an artist in any artform who has a track record of working collaboratively with communities of place or interest in the making and interpreting of art. This is a developmental bursary aimed at practitioners who are facing particular barriers and/or challenges in developing their collaborative socially engaged arts practice.

The bursary of €15,000 will provide the artists with time and resources to engage with and reflect on their practice. More particularly, it allows them to consider key questions associated with their collaborative arts practice and collaborative methodologies. In addition, this bursary award offers bi monthly mentoring support from Create and up to two mentoring sessions with one of the experienced collaborative socially engaged practitioners from the Artist Mentor Panel.

The award emphasises the value and benefit to an artist’s development of an extended process of engagement with their practice, and seeks to provide artists with the time and resources to think, research, reflect and engage deeply with their practice. We look forward to supporting Evelyn and Kathryn as they begin their bursaries in early 2024.


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