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AIC Scheme 2023 Round Two: Successful Recipients
Our Place. Dr Sinead McCann and Alan James Burn with service users of St John of Gods Liffey Services/ Previous AIC Scheme recipients. Image Courtesy Liam Mullen/ Riverbank Arts Centre

AIC Scheme 2023 Round Two: Successful Recipients

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Congratulations to all successful applicants to the AIC Scheme (Round Two) in 2023, who come from a range of art forms and contexts.

Read more about each recipient, and their planned course of work, below.


Research and Development

Kate Wilson will work with Tonnta Community Group to research dance and movement for people who live with restricted mobility. Dance/ movement is key, personally, socially & politically, offering experiences & freedoms that can be lacking in the everyday. This R&D process creates opportunity for new experiences and for these unique voices to reach the wider community.


Leanne MacLaughlin will work with young LGBT+ individuals and their supportive adults to study their relationships, filling a crucial gap in research and offering guidance to those in similar situations. They will employ collaborative arts methods, empowering participants to actively share their experiences and prioritizing participant voices, creating a participant-driven environment for sharing and documenting personal stories and insights.


Martina Cleary and Clare Pyrite Action Group alongside community groups in Mayo and Donegal to use digital and immersive media to explore the potential of the arts to express and share their experience, locally, nationally and internationally.


Ruti (Ruth) Lachs with Adult members of Cork Jewish Community and Good Day Cork will engage in a composition process with a new, intercultural music and song project, working title Shalom Cork, helping to showcase the culture of a minority community under-represented in the arts in Ireland.


Tess Leak and Sibshop Ireland will explore through the delivery of a series of multi-disciplinary arts workshops, ideas relating to the lived, complex experiences of the group of Siblings of adults with a disability or chronic illness in Cork County. The participating group will be brought together as a community of shared, unique backgrounds and the artist will be supported by researcher/senior psychologist Imogen Hanvey.


Andrew Kearney and Deirdre Power will explore creative tools to affect change with a community (Henry St residents group) adversely affected by social issues currently at play. They will apply methods of engagement through dialogue, meetings, workshops and site-specific performances and explorations to forge a long-term (legacy) inclusive and participatory project with a community of place.


Sarah Jayne Booth will collaborate with domestic violence workers at OSSCork Domestic Violence Resource Centre to create art-based interventions that empower them to cope with stress, enhance resilience & foster emotional well-being, thus improving their effectiveness in aiding survivors of domestic violence and strengthening the community of support workers through collaborative art projects. They aim to culminate the research into a zine publication.


David O’Neill will develop an innovative writing workshop for disabled adults by leveraging mobile recording equipment to capture environmental sounds and offer a multisensory writing experience. This project is a vital aspect of reframing the narrative of disability where neurodivergent people are considered equal in their creativity and artistic output.


Patricia McCann and Flower sellers of Grafton St will work together to create a script that explores the intergenerational connection to Dublin City and the social, economic and cultural stories of these women, developed via workshops.


Yovanna Torres Blanco with members of the Mexican community in Ireland will conduct a series of interviews regarding subjects such as migration, worldview and tradition while living abroad. These interviews will be recorded and archived as testimonials with the purpose of creating the Mexican Community in Ireland’s memory box. Subsequently, these soundclips will inspire a Mexican folk dance show entitled “Leyendas de México”.


Miriam Needham and Sligo Social Services will research and develop ideas for a play, by engaging in drama exercises including movement, writing, devising, clowning, and improvisation. This process will provide a creative space in which to explore themes of power, freedom, autonomy, and agency, and will be the beginning steps towards creating a performance piece designed by participants in collaboration with the artist.



Research and Development with Mentoring

Lauren Kelly will develop an activist based research project, collaborating with a group of six women who initially connected through ROSA – a socialist feminist activist group. Together they will develop the groundwork for a post-Repeal Ireland art project, preparing to gather individual accounts of abortion experiences, with the goal of addressing stigma and challenges. Lauren will be mentored by Michelle Browne.


Aoife Barrett will work with retired printers around Ireland, to research their stories & connect them with current practitioners, exploring collaborative approaches to storytelling through hybrid obsolete print processes and digital technology under the mentorship of Lucia Poliakova. She will also investigate the role of print communication with David Burke of the Tuam Herald, to better facilitate meaningful dialogue.


Elaine Desmond will work with Aideen Wylde and with the support of mentor Conall O Riain to develop a theatre play with non-arts professionals on Sherkin Island. The script will explore the impact of the arrival of 64 Ukrainian refugees to live on the island in 2022 and will be formed from the verbatim words of Ukrainian and original inhabitants of Sherkin. Staging Sherkin will explore the plight of the Ukrainians, support community cohesion through working together on a creative venture, and seek to establish theatre on the island.


Johnathan Batista Dos Santos and Orla Devlin will work with the Brazilian community in Ireland, a rapidly growing migrant community exploring the emergence of new myths within this community as coping mechanisms against systemic oppression. The collaborators plan to employ Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed approach with the aim to collect and share the unique stories of individuals within this community, shedding light on their experiences and resilience in the face of adversity. Johnathan and Orla will receive mentorship from Dana Olărescu.


Laura Sarah Dowdall and members of Fighting Blindness will research and develop a collaborative dance project, to enable the artistry & benefit of dance to be accessible to blind people. This will be based in collectively identified shared values, intentions and best approaches for working together. During this R&D, the collaborators will test ideas, develop foundational dance skills & practices to inspire creativity & confidence. Laura will be supported by mentor Louise Lowe.


Sandra Kelly will work alongside the Active Retirement Group in Rathdowney Co Laois, creating space to explore the town in which they reside. The Talk of the Town aims to have the voice of the locals at the core, highlighting the changes the residents have seen over the years. Mentorship with Dr. Sinead McCann will allow the artist to be supported within the project while developing strong links with the community.



Project Realisation

Amal Womens association and artist Ala Buisir will engage together on a multimedia project with the aim of debunking stereotypes and assumptions made about Muslim women in both Ireland and the wider world. The collaborators will create artworks of their own representation, including a VR component showing what it is to be a Muslim woman in daily life, aiming to put the audience in the shoes of the Muslim women.


Women of Ashleigh House, a peer-led therapeutic community for drug and alcohol rehabilitation, will work with Sophia Tamburrini on All That is Left Behind, creating a body of work that captures their lived experiences and explores the complexities of representation through photography, writing and moving image. The project will culminate in an exhibition of the work and a limited publication, creating a legacy of authentic representation.


Beaufort House, a residential service for older people in Navan Co Meath, and Joanna Hopkins will collaborate on The Lime and the Sweetness, creatively using the garden to grow and make food as an art-form, to realise a communal meal. They will also develop a lasting, collaborative film work from communal, slow, ephemeral acts with a professional videographer. Through this, they will Investigate participant’s autonomy through an artistic lens, and explore personal histories using multi-sensory methods.


Friends of Ardee Bog, a community group based in Louth, will work with artist Helen Flanagan on Layers of Understanding: Deep Mapping Ardee Bog. The process of Deep Mapping offers an opportunity to capture different ways of seeing and various meanings and experiences associated with a place. The process will be presented socially as a series of community events which will offer members of Friends of Ardee Bog and the wider community a space to share, learn and meaningfully connect with each other and Ardee Bog. The outcome will be a print work which will include writing, maps and images, co-authored by Helen and participating members.

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