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AIC Artist Residency in partnership with Fire Station Artists’ Studio – 2018
Fire Station Artists‘ Studios

AIC Artist Residency in partnership with Fire Station Artists’ Studio – 2018



AIC Artist Residency in partnership with Fire Station Artists’ Studio

Open Call

Create and Fire Station Artists’ Studios invite applications from artists that are based in Ireland for a one-month residency award based at Fire Station Artists’ Studios. The award is being offered to an artist from an ethnic minority background and will run for the month of June. The Residency timeframe incorporates International Refugee week (18-22 June 2018) offering opportunities for an artist to present work. It is funded through the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme, which is managed by Create.

About the award

This award seeks to support cultural diversity in collaborative artistic practice in Ireland, in this instance concentrating on the Visual Arts. It seeks to provide a platform for the selected artist to develop and/or consolidate their collaborative arts practice, and will provide an opportunity for the artist to make contacts and identify resources, that may assist in the further development of their practice in Ireland.

What the award involves

The award allows the artist access to the facilities at Fire Station Artist’s Studios (FSAS) in Dublin’s City Centre, which include its sculpture and digital media resource opportunities, curatorial development and support or a combination of these elements depending on the requirements of the selected artist, and an appropriate stipend.

The award also offers accommodation at FSAS (if the awarded artist is in a position to take up the accommodation, this is not a condition of the award). Accommodation at FSAS includes a studio with an open plan kitchen/living area, a bedroom which is partitioned off and its own bathroom.

Who is eligible?

Any Artist based in Ireland who is from a minority ethnic background, including migrants, refugees and applicants for international protection – living in direct provision or other accommodation. Applicants for International Protection must have a Temporary Residence Certificate. Refugees must have Refugee Status, Subsidiary Protection or Permission to Remain.

How to apply

To apply please submit:
• a residency award proposal (maximum of two A4 pages) stating why this residency award is of interest to you and why you believe it will contribute to the development of and/or consolidate your collaborative arts practice;
• a CV and/or Biography – outlining your current practice;
• a PDF with a maximum of 5 examples of recent projects, with images, relevant links, captions and short descriptions.

The deadline for the submission is 5pm 7th May. The residency will commence at the start of June. Send completed applications to: The Artist in the Community Scheme Residency, Create, 2 Curved Street (Filmbase Building), Temple Bar, Dublin 2 or email to support[at]create-ireland.ie

Selection process

Selection will be made by a panel of representatives from Create and FSAS, an Artist who works in collaborative practice and a representative from relevant fields of activity.

The open call will be advertised through usual visual arts channels, informal networks and complementary fields of development, such as through agencies who support refugees or immigrants in Ireland.

About the Commissioners

Create is the national development agency for collaborative arts. We are a resource organisation for artists working across artform, in social and community contexts. We encourage innovative and creative models of engagement that extend and enrich arts engagement and participation with multiple publics and diverse communities of interest and of place. Create’s mission is to lead the development of collaborative arts practice in Ireland, create opportunities for exchange and interaction that benefit a wide constituency of artists, sectors and communities, strengthen the contribution of the arts to society, and encourage artists and communities to create art that reflects and responds to our times.

We recognise that working collaboratively with communities of place and /or interest is a vibrant and challenging area of arts practice, requiring strong negotiation and project management skills. The exploratory processes and practices of collaborative arts demand different approaches to traditional definitions of art, artists and arts development. Create responds to these demands by offering a range of services for artists and arts organisations which include Professional Development and Advisory Sessions, Mentoring, Research, Learning Development and Commissioning and Project opportunities. We work through partnerships with arts and civil society organisations on initiatives that support and develop collaborative arts practice, nationally and internationally.

Fire Station Artists‘ Studios: Located in north east inner city area of Dublin in Ireland, FSAS was established in 1993 to provide support for professional visual artists. The main aims of the FSAS’s programmes, resources and facilities are to support artists to diversify, upskill and engage in critical thinking within their practice in a unique and intimate environment outside of the formal education system. FSAS provides subsidised combined live / work studios for Irish and international artists, large scale sculpture workshop facilities and training opportunities for artists to include state of the art digital media and film resources that include 3D Printing and VR technologies. FSAS hosts international curators and master classes for reflection on Contemporary Art Practice and Curation, most particularly on collaborative and socially engaged work. Over the years, FSAS has commissioned a significant number of groundbreaking socially engaged and public art projects in partnership with agencies and companies. International connections are built through all our curated programmes of artistic activity especially through stimulating critique and debate around art practice through publications, talks and seminars. FSAS projects take place in Ireland and internationally including Europe and Ethiopia. FSAS’s commitment to the area of arts and disability is especially important, as we seek news ways to support the professional development of visual artists with disabilities.

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