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Arte Útil Lecture and Discussion with artist Tania Bruguera and Miguel Amado
Arte Útil Flag. Photo courtesy Asociacion de Arte Útil

Arte Útil Lecture and Discussion with artist Tania Bruguera and Miguel Amado

Seminar · Talk

27 Sept 2019

10am - 1pm

Crawford Art Gallery, Emmett Place, Cork

No longer available

Create and Cork Printmakers are delighted to announce an additional opportunity for artists attending the Networking Day to book into this rare opportunity to hear artist Tania Bruguera discuss the notion and practice of Arte Útil, in an event hosted by Miguel Amado, Director of Cork Printmakers.

The concept of Arte Útil has been proposed by Tania Bruguera and a group of museum professionals, informally gathered as the Asociación de Arte Útil. Arte Útil, a Spanish phrase, translates into English as ‘useful art’, but ‘Útil’ means more than ‘useful’, encompassing the notion of a tool or device. Bruguera states that ‘Arte Útil moves beyond a propositional format into one that actively creates, develops and implements new functionalities to benefit society’, encapsulating a shift from representation to activism in art practice. Arte Útil is part of a subaltern narrative of art as a mechanism of societal transformation that is urgent to both describe and update as a mode of intervention in the world.

Friday’s event will engage attendees in an exploration of Arte Útil’s genealogy, principles and criteria, providing examples of key Arte Útil projects in Ireland and internationally.

The morning’s lecture and discussion is part of the Arte Útil School organised by Cork Printmakers in collaboration with the Asociación de Arte Útil, co-produced with Permanent Revolution, and funded by Cork City Council. The Arte Útil School is a year-long series of seminars, workshops, intensive courses and field trips taking place in Cork across 2019 and 2020.

Booking essential, places limited to 20 ***Update: Due to demand, we have added 15 more places to this event. 

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