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Archipelagic Imaginaries
Salvage x. Catch Keely. Sherkin Island. (2018)

Archipelagic Imaginaries

Event · Seminar · Talk

24 April 2020

12 - 2 pm

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email info[at]create-ireland.ie with “Archipelagic Imaginaries" in the subject line, prior to 22nd April 2020

We are pleased to announce the first of our online events with leading thinkers, practitioners and writers, in keeping with our strategic aim to benefit artists and communities across boundaries by harnessing digital technologies and virtual practices to enrich and disseminate collaborative arts work.

Archipelagic Imaginaries

A world-centred art education at the end of the world

In the first of our online conversations, artist and academic Glenn Loughran will present his recent research on art, education and archipelagic thinking. This research began in 2016 in the BA in Visual Art on Sherkin Island and has led to the development of a unique archipelagic MA Art and Environment in West Cork.

Links to the online digital platform will be sent to prospective participants – please email info[at]create-ireland.ie with “Archipelagic Imaginaries” in the subject line, prior to 22nd April 2020.

Run by the Dublin School of Creative Arts (TU Dublin) in collaboration with Uillin (West Cork Arts Centre) and the Sherkin Island Development Society (SIDS), the MA Art and Environment combines post-studio practice, interdisciplinary research, virtual teaching, Island studies and community engagement. The MA Art and Environment takes contemporary art’s relationship with environments –  ecological, spatial, political, economic – as its object of study, instructing students on artistic practice shaped by ‘archipelagic thinking’ (a post-colonial spatial discourse that emphasizes relationality, locality and decolonization) and by a “world-centred” pedagogy. Long distance education is central to the archipelagic reach of the course, and so virtual learning and virtual environments are an important aspect of study.



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