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AIC Scheme Info Session: 27th February 2024
The cast of Figures of Eight set out from the F2 Centre carrying protest placards. Veronica Dyas and Fatima Groups United. An AIC Scheme-funded project (2023). Photo: Jacek Snochowski (Fruit Frame)

AIC Scheme Info Session: 27th February 2024

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27th February 2024



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This event is offered free of charge, though booking is essential. Attendees will be emailed instructions on how to attend online, in advance of the event.


Twice yearly, the Arts Council offers Artist in the Community Scheme grants to enable artists and communities of place/or interest to work together on projects. The scheme is managed by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

The scheme is open to artists from any of the following artform disciplines: architecture, circus, street art and spectacle, dance, film, literature (Irish and English language), music, opera, theatre, visual arts and traditional arts. The projects can take place in a diverse range of social and community contexts eg arts and health; arts in prisons; arts and older people; arts and cultural diversity. The aim of the scheme is to encourage meaningful collaboration between communities of place and/or interest and artists.

Create is pleased to announce an online information session on applying to the Artist in the Community (AIC) Scheme, with Aine Crowley, Programme Manager Arts and Engagement and Veronica Dyas, previous AIC Scheme recipient.

The information session is about answering any questions you might have about making an application to the Scheme. It’s also about sharing experience of developing and delivering a collaborative project through the Scheme. If you are an artist or a community organisation interested in the Artist in the Community Scheme but don’t know where to start, come talk to us. If you are an artist interested in developing a collaborative project with a community organisation or in a community situation this event is for you. If you are an artist who has applied before and would like to access further detail on the application process, please join us.

Veronica Dyas is an Artist working primarily through new text, installation and performance.  Facilitation, Action & LOVE are crucial to her practice. Veronica works with communities of identity, purpose, and/or place.  She holds a B.A. (Hons.) in Drama & Theatre Studies with Sociology from Trinity College Dublin and an M.A. in Text & Performance Studies from RADA & King’s College London. She makes work that investigates contemporary living, acknowledging the visceral reality of past trauma while always focused towards healing. Rooted in her own lived experience, she fuses sociological tools with her arts practice. Reflexive practice informs her methodologies, the intention to be authentic, allowing what’s there to be present in the space, owning her own stuff, self-identifying as a female, white, Irish, queer, working-class, extending to more nuanced lived experiences when pertinent. This practice informs the process, enabling the potential for real relationships to develop within. Her underlying assumption is that we are beings of infinite potential, each, every. Veronica is  currently X Marks the CORE resident artist with CORE Youth Project and Common Ground, funded by The RTE Toy Show Appeal and The Community Foundation for Ireland.

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