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A primary goal of Create’s strategy, ‘Connect Create Change: Leading Collaborative Arts in Ireland, 2020‐2025’, is to create innovative opportunities and ensure reliable supports for artists and communities to develop and sustain best practice. We recognise the nature of much collaborative arts practice as relational (not transactional) and durational (not occasional) and we believe this needs to be recognised and provided for accordingly. We are committed to designing support frameworks that provide appropriately for the sustained engagement of artists in collaborative practice and to influencing partners and funders to do likewise.

It is Create policy that all artists and creative professionals we engage are properly remunerated for their work. Create is committed to transparent pay scales for artists and arts practitioners that work in collaborative practice and creative professionals involved in all types of artistic services. We ask and expect our partners and collaborators to ensure that the principle of fair and proportionate rates of pay is honoured.

You can read our full Artists’ Pay Policy and a summary of Create’s rates at the links on this page.