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The Prosperity Project


The March of Mount Tambora (2017) as part of The Prosperity Project 2014 – 2017

Artist: Jesse Jones
Medium: Unique edition of 2 lenticular structures with hand screen print on acrylic panels and polished stainless steel. Hand silkscreened print by Black Church Print Studio
Dimensions of Panels: 20 122cm x 30.5cm x 0.5cm

The March of Mount Tambora is an artwork that creates a material trace of The Prosperity Project a process of collaborations hosted between artist Jesse Jones and a collective of Irish and International artists, thinkers, musicians and community over 2014 and 2015. The Prosperity Project was grounded in a curiosity to interrogate the assumptions about ‘prosperity’ that grew up during Ireland’s boom years. Aiming to explore notions of prosperity and a global interconnected community around the themes: WANT, LAND, THEM and US, The Prosperity Project culminates in this final permanent artwork, The March of Mount Tambora. The Prosperity Project was commissioned under the Government's Per Cent for Art Scheme by the Office of Public Works and The Convention Centre Dublin and supported by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

Image: WANT Jesse Jones (2012).

The Prosperity Project: Associate Artist biographies

Franco Bifo Berardi 

Franco Berardi Bifo is a contemporary writer, theorist and activist. He founded the magazine A/traverso (1975-1981) and was part of the staff of Radio Alice, the first free pirate radio station in Italy (1976-1978).

Like others Involved in the political movement of Autonomia in Italy during the 1970's, he fled to Paris, where he worked with Felix Guattari in the field of schizoanalysis. During the 1980's he contributed to the magazines Semiotexte (New York), Chimerees (Paris), Metropoli (Rome) and Musica 80 (Milan). His recent published works include Ethereal Shadows (New York, 2007), Felix Guattari (New York, 2008), Precarious Rhapsody (New York, 2009), The Soul at Work (Los Angeles, 2010) and After The Future (Edinburgh, 2011).

He is currently collaborating on the magazines Loop and Alfabeta2 as well as teaching social history of communication at the Accademia di belle Arti in Milan. He is the co-founder of the e-zine and the telestreet phenomenon

Dawn of the Truth Wizards

Loitering Theatre in association with The Prosperity Project present:

Dawn of the Truth Wizards

Date: 31 July
Location: Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin
Time: 6.30

A research discussion on capitalism and its emergent desire to capture the truth of the soul - from emotion capture systems to corporate mindfulness. This event will be preceded by a guided meditation (more details to follow).

With speakers Alexander Galloway (“the Interface Effect”) and Franco Bifo Berardi (“The Soul at Work”).

The Schema

Dublin has pictured itself as centerfold of cognitive capitalism since its micro-soft beginnings. Hard, wired to Google, Twitter and Facebook - now our docklands serve as a secret portal for capital's hidden worldwide flows.
There are rumors of the passing of the Turing test. The network is transforming behind our eyes; and conscious interaction with computers will soon be in our past. Hal-like, the network nodes reach now beyond the boundary of the screen. They scan for our emotions while we look away. Offline has vanished. Nowhere to run to now, no where to hide:

Jesse Jones on The Prosperity Project on Vimeo

Them and Us: A Performative Reading of the Financial Crisis

Them and Us: A Performative Reading of the Financial Crisis
as part of The Prosperity Project, Jesse Jones Public Art Commission

Date: 27th September
Venue: CCD Dublin
Time: 1-3pm

Cast of characters: a hedge fund manager, a private equity investor, a Mortgage Lender, a government adviser and banker, a private equity pioneer, a bond trader.

The Prosperity Project Phase Two kicks off this September and invites you to take part in a group research event which aims to examine the politics of Austerity through the use of verbatim scripts as an exercise in experiential research.

As we now approach the fifth anniversary of the collapse of the financial market in September 2008, this performative reading challenges us to return to those initial moments just after the collapse to question how the banking crisis has completely transformed economics and politics of the last half decade. By mobilizing the voices and stories of those in the inner sphere of the financial collapse, how can we challenge our critical knowledge of the world in which we live?

The reading will be led by artist Jesse Jones and theatre maker Niamh McCann and will use as its material an iconic verbatim text to create an workshop that animates the crisis. This collective performative reading will enable us to temporarily inhabit the voices of those who were in the inner circle, with intimate access to historical events that had massive repercussions on all of our lives.


Land: Korean text for land Scarcity banquet: Korean text for scarcity banquet

'The living have to eat, to be sure.' Pak Kyung-Ni, Land

MOUTH (Edia Connole and Scott Wilson) & the Korean Society of Ireland

Screening of FESTIN by Wojciech Doroszuk

DATE: 8 June
TIME: 18.30
VENUE: Smock Alley Theatre
BOOKING: Eventbrite

'To feed is the most basic verb, the most fundamental, the most rooted. It expresses the primordial activity, the primary basic function, the act "I" engage in even before I am born, or begin breathing. Because of it I belong to the land forever. Like the smallest animal crawling in the dirt, like the smallest plant, I began by feeding myself.' Francois Julien, Nourrir sa vie: A l’ecart du bonheur

The Prosperity Project: WANT, Jesse Jones (2012).

The Prosperity Project: Jesse Jones

May 2013-January 2014

The Office of Public Works (OPW) and The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) under the Per Cent for Art Scheme supported by Create the national development agency for collaborative arts

Opening Event: WANT

with Iain Boal, Kyungso Park, Cormac de Barra and Jesse Jones

Date: 17TH May
Time: 18.30
Venue:  Smock Alley Theatre
Admission: Free
Booking Essential. Click here to book:
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WANT is the opening event of Jesse Jones’ major public art commission The Prosperity Project.   

WANT will feature an introduction by artist Jesse Jones to The Prosperity Project and a lecture by social historian Iain Boal on ‘Feasts and Famines’ reflecting on austerity and the role of the commons. Boal’s lecture will connect to and emerge from research he conducts with Dublin Docklands’ residents leading up the May 17th event. The WANT event will be the culmination of an intense week long cross-disciplinary collaboration that also include a musical collaboration between Korean gayageum artist Kyungso Park and leading Irish harpist Cormac De Barra, which will be a performative call and response between Ireland and Korea.

During May, Jesse Jones and Iain Boal, an Irish social historian of science and technics, will engage in a weeklong residency in Dublin’s Docklands area, as a preface to WANT and key to the shaping of the event. Jones and Boal will meet with local communities and workers from The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD). Over the course of the residency, they will conduct cycle tours and exploratory conversations around themes of prosperity and post-prosperity. Alongside her work with Iain Boal, Jones will initiate a collaborative relationship between Kyungso Park, one of Korea’s most active Gayageum artists, and renowned Irish harpist Cormac De Barra. Together Park and De Barra will stage a unique musical collaboration.

This opening event will also act as a sign up moment for an ‘elective community’ who will work with Jesse Jones over the course of the year, culminating in a permanently installed new artwork in The Convention Centre Dublin.

Iain Boal social historian.

The Green Machine Tour

Iain Boal

Mapping Human Powered Mobility

As part of The Prosperity Project: Jesse Jones

Date: 14 May
Time: 12 noon-3pm
Meet point: Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Buckingham Street, Dublin 1

Bring Your Own Bicycle.  Refreshments will be provided.

The Green Machine is a bike and oral history research tour conducted by social historian Iain Boal and artist Jesse Jones as part of The Prosperity Project.  It takes its title from Iain Boal’s book The Green Machine, in which Boal explores how the bicycle came to be a green icon celebrated for its efficiency and the spare beauty of its design.  The bike's freewheeling sociability and role as an instrument of women's emancipation have made it a kind of "liberation technology".  Urban planners, traffic engineers and environmentalists see it as part of the solution to congested cities and the global ecological crisis. Boal examines this paragon of sustainable mobility and the mythos of the bicycle as intrinsically a friend of the earth.  A much more complex story emerges when the bicycle is seen in planetary perspective and a deeper historical and ecological setting. The Green Machine tells this history without illusions or moralism, in the face of the gathering climate emergency.

To get involved with The Prosperity Project and for a programme of events, check Create's website and The Prosperity Project on Facebook.

The Green Machine Tour will create a point of departure for Boal’s week long residency in Dublin in which he will meet with local community groups and publics to investigate the role of the commons in relation to Ireland’s post-boom economy.  Throughout this bicycle wayfaring we will encounter real stories of how post-Celtic tiger Ireland has shifted our understanding of the city and in particular it’s docklands.  Our journey will be guided through community voices and contributions by artists such as Michelle Browne, curator and program coordinator for the artist in community residency at Fire Station Artist Studios: Liz Burns and Rosie Lynch and Hollie Kearns curators at Commonage: a community based art and architecture organization, who have a temporary office as part of the Landing Place project.  Our collective journey will traverse the city as a mobile dialogue, traveling through the Docklands' history of industrial and social narratives

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