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Jijo Sebastian – Box
Image credit: Box, Jijo Sebastian.

Create and Counterpoints Arts are pleased to announce

A Summer School on Cultural Diversity

An initiative of The Arts Council’s Artist in the Community Scheme, managed by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

The Artist in the Community Scheme (AIC) is funded by the Arts Council and managed by Create. The scheme has a long history in the development of collaborative arts in Ireland. It was established in 2002, with the aim to encourage and support meaningful collaboration between communities of place and/or interest and artists.

From film making with divers off Malin head, Co. Donegal, dance in Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork, sound art with Beekeepers in Limerick, to visual arts with Migrant Women’s Group in Dublin, the AIC scheme continues to support dynamic collaborations across art forms and context areas in all the corners of the country.

Cultural Diversity and the Arts has always been a priority area for the Arts Council and Create and has for a long time been part of our thinking. We are delighted to announce this opportunity for up to 15 artists.

Identity is a complex thing. We are a multiplicity of things: of gender, of culture, of language, of politics. Difference is beautiful. So ticking just one box is no longer relevant. It isn't that simple. – Katherina Radeva

Create and Live Art Development Agency

Call for Participants

DIY 14: 2017 - Katherina Radeva: On Otherness

Identity is a complex thing. We are a multiplicity of things: of gender, of culture, of language of politics. Difference is beautiful. So ticking just one box is no longer relevant. It isn't that simple.

Project summary

Never more than now, does it feel like we are defined by difference.

Differences in what we are and we are not. Never more than now does it feel like redefining belonging and otherness is an urgent response to what is happening around us. This DIY is an exploration on otherness. What does it mean to be on the other side, whose side, what side, in the in-between, in the indefinable, in the “i don't want to define it", in the “it's your fault", “you can't blame them”. This project is about dialogue. A dialogue about the beauty of difference.

How to apply

Applications are invited via the link below. Included are questions on you and your practice, what you hope to get out of the DIY, and your thoughts on belonging.

The deadline for applications is Mon 19 June at 12noon.

Dates, times and location

Dates: Fri 15 & Sat 16 Sept 2017
Times: 10am-6pm
Location: Dublin

The artist

Katherina Radeva is a performance maker and theatre designer, broadly speaking. She writes, designs, performs, produces, teaches, draws and paint. A co-director of Two Destination Language, an award winning performance duo based in England and Scotland, and a solo artist. Past work with Two Destination Language includes Near Gone (2013) about grief and not knowing; Manpower (2016) a punchy political show about otherness, power and Brexit; A Journey of a Home (2011) an audio one on one piece about travel and migration; Dusty Feet (2014) an interactive installation about signs and meaning; and Landed, an intimate piece about love created with six non professional people aged 65+ which continues to tour. Two Destination Language’s new show, Declining Solo, is a piece about ageing and decline in people and cultures.



Image: Arts Council Arts Participation Bursary Award | Information Clinic | Filmbase 2016. Photo: Vance Lau.
Image: Arts Council Arts Participation Bursary Award information clinic, Filmbase, 2016. Photo: Vance Lau.

Arts Council Arts Participation Bursary Award - Information Clinic

with Create

Date: Friday 12th May
Time: 11am – 1pm
Venue: VISUAL, Carlow


Date: Wednesday 7th June
Time: 2pm
Venue: Limerick City Gallery of Art

Booking: To book email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Arts Council will hold an information clinic in association with Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, on Friday 12th May from 11am – 1pm in VISUAL, Carlow and on Wednesday 7th June at 2pm in Limerick City Gallery of Art.

The clinic is taking place in advance of the deadline for the Arts Council Arts Participation Bursary Award, which is on Thursday 13 July at 5.30pm.The objective of the Arts Participation Bursary Award is to support individual professional artists in any artform, whose practice centres on collaboration with groups of people in any of the following contexts: health, disability, cultural diversity, older people, and communities of place or interest. The award emphasises the value and benefit to an artist’s development that is derived from an extended process of engagement with their practice and seeks to provide artists with the time and resources to think, research, reflect and engage with their practice. Applicants may apply for up to €10,000.

The clinic will include information about the purpose and priorities of the award, the application process , budgeting, supporting materials, common mistakes and an opportunity for Q & A. The clinic will also include short presentations from previous artists that have received the Arts Council Arts Participation Bursary Award. Artists will outline their reason for applying, how they used the bursary and what impact it had on the development of their practice. Further detail will be available on the Arts Council and Create websites in the coming weeks.

Image DIY13: Sexcentenary’s ‘Grey Matters’ (image credit: Clare West).
Image DIY13: Sexcentenary’s ‘Grey Matters’ (image credit: Clare West).

DIY 14: 2017 – Call for Proposals – deadline March 13

Deadline for proposals: 12 noon March 13 2017

Create is delighted to be once again working in partnership with Live Art Development Agency as part of DIY 14.

DIY is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to conceive and run unusual research, training and professional development projects for themselves and other artists.

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