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The Connect Mentoring Programme, a partnership from Create and Common Ground, was an Arts Council funded initiative that took place over an eighteen month period, concluding in 2010. The programme aimed to respond to the professional development needs of the collaborative arts sector.

The aim of the Connect Mentoring Programme - and the learning resource tool that was developed from it - was to enable and build capacity within the collaborative arts sector to undertake mentoring. The programme was supported by an advisory group and the overall research was informed through a range of discussions with partners, artists, educators and those who work in community and social contexts.

Read more on the Connect Mentoring Programme blog. This blog was intended as a platform through which the learnings of the Connect Programme, the DVD and accompanying Booklet, could be further debated, explored and tested by mentors and mentees.

The Connect mentors were Elaine Agnew, Paul Roe, Jay Koh and mentees were Nick Roth, Pia Dunne, Fiona Whelan, Anne Maree Barry and Mark Ellison. The mentees were based in the community contexts of Fatima Homework Club; Dolphin House Homework Club and the After Schools Programme of the Family Resource Centre St Michael’s Estate, Inchicore Dublin.

List of Partners: