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Durty Words Book. Photo by Daniel Potts, Piquant Media.
Durty Words Book. Photo by Daniel Potts, Piquant Media. 


On a regular ongoing basis, Create staff will recommend an article, book, or performance that has caught their eye.

For January 2019, we will spotlight Durty Words: A space for dialogue, solidarity, resistance and creation. Edited and designed by Victoria Brunetta and Kate O’Shea, this book features 134 contributors, and is rich with illustration, photography, manifesto and original writing. The editors Brunetta and O’Shea began in 2016 by asking for responses to the relevance of Anarchist thought today. In recognition of the precarity and competition endemic to the arts globally, they created Durty Words as a space for solidarity and dialogue.  

The resulting book is confronting, disparate, and a pleasing physical item, unsurprising given the editors’ design credentials. The editors have sold 300 limited first edition copies to cover the cost of production, dissemination and books for the 134 contributors. Durty Words will continue 'as a platform for dialogue, solidarity, resistance and creation.'


Paperback, 368pp 
Durty Books Publishing House

Listen to Victoria Brunetta and Kate O’Shea speak to Séan Rocks on Arena, Monday 25th February 2019.

Read more and visit the Durty Words website.