ELN Partners: Create, Dublin City Arts Office (Ireland), TATE Liverpool (UK), LADA (Live Art Development Agency) (UK) and M-Cult (Finland)

Create has initiated a European Learning Network (ELN) for 2013, in partnership with Dublin City Arts Office, Tate Liverpool, Live Art Development Agency and M-Cult funded by the EU Presidency Local Partnership funds.

Through the ELN partnership we will explore the evolving professional development needs of artists who locate themselves within a collaborative practice  to create a framework to respond to those needs on a European level.

The European Learning Network (ELN)will explore key learning models developed by the partner organisations and share these with professional artists in the collaborative arts sphere, with a view to providing alternative optics and fresh ways of making work. We hope to provoke, challenge and encourage the collaborative art and socially engaged sector in Ireland to consider their practice in relation to an international ecology of contemporary collaborative practice and to provide greater supports for the on-going professional development of artists who locate themselves within contemporary collaborative arts practice. The funding allocated to phase one of this programme is designed to seed longer term relationships and more significant European partnerships.

Create recognises new ways in which artists are choosing to make work and believe collaborative arts has the potential to create unforgettable and inspiring experiences.

This ELN action research phase will lead to an exciting curated programme of presentations, performances and workshops with international guest artists specially selected by the ELN partner organisations. The ELN Programme will be hosted in Dublin during the first half of 2013, culminating in a one-day sectoral gathering at City Walls Space, Wood Quay Venue in May.

Over the coming months we will be announcing exciting opportunities for artists based in Ireland to engage with a variety of thinkers and practitioners from around Europe. 


First event: Public Address Systems workshop with Lois Weaver - March 21

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