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Create News 24

Direct Provision Diary – CREATE NEWS 24

Direct Provision Diary

Vukasin Nedeljkovic

"There are many people of different nationalities speaking their native languages. Men, women, and children wait impatiently to be assessed. I am brought to a small room where two forensic officials take my fingerprints..."

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Vukasin Nedeljkovic is an artist and founder of Asylum Archive. His recent works include Reiterating Asylum Archive: documenting direct provision in Ireland, 2018 and Asylum Archive: an Archive of Asylum and Direct Provision in Ireland, 2016, 2017.

Vukasin was recently awarded the 2017 Arts Council Artist in the Community scheme Bursary: Art and Activism, and is currently working on an Asylum Archive publication, featuring artworks and essays. For Create News number 24, Vukasin shared his experience in Direct Provision and his ongoing work with Asylum Archive.

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