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Intergenerational Conversations

Date: 15 May
Time: 11.45
Venue: IMMA

This session will comprise a set of informal conversation pieces between artists of different generations inspired by the idea of exchange and knowledge production.

How do we value the rich accumulation of experience and expertise of established, older artists? What are the modes of transmission of different types of knowledge in different areas of arts practice? What can come out of collaborations both formal and informal between artists of different generations? VAI, Bealtaine and Create are interested in generating a broader conversation about artists' role in society and the implications of ageism, creativity and other issues such as the challenges faced by artists in relation to sustaining their practice over time.

This partnership event involving Bealtaine, CREATE and Visual Artists Ireland is designed to critically consider the unique contributions made by experienced artists to wider artistic practice over the course of their careers and to consider intergenerational learning. Artists in this panel session, chaired by Medb Ruane, include Kevin Atherton, Michelle Browne, Patrick Hall and Alice Maher.

For more information please contact: Leah Smith, Admin Assistant, VAI Get Together at

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The Theatre of Our Bodies workshop with Anna Furse – deadline May 5  Anna Furse

The Theatre of Our Bodies

A Performance Project Directed by Anna Furse
with Create

Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, is delighted to welcome internationally renowned artist and academic Dr Anna Furse who will be giving a workshop as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme.

Anna Furse will conduct this one day workshop for professional artists working in or interested in collaborative arts practice. This workshop will offer an intimate optic on the work of Furse, with particular focus on embedded methodologies around collaborative practice.

The Theatre of Our Bodies

The Theatre of Our Bodies is about women’s bodies. It’s about our ordinary, fleshy, memory-filled bodies. It’s about our senses and how we experience the world around us through them. It’s about our awareness of our bodies socially and culturally and about how we express ourselves every day through physicality. It’s about the stories our bodies carry, from the tiniest detail to the special or significant event. It’s about the space our bodies occupy around us in city life and private life. It’s about our insides and our outsides, our anatomies, our imaginations, our traumas, wounds and scars, our joys, our cycles and our birthing, our pleasure and joy. It’s about the way we present ourselves to society, dress, behave, move about. It’s about our diversity. It’s about articulating, validating and celebrating our physical presence in the world.

Workshop with Anna Furse

Monday 11 May
10am – 5pm


Are you interested in making new ensemble performance for and with communities of women and girls that brings yours and their experience centrally into the process of making theatre? The project is seeking a broad group of collaborators to work with Furse in the creation of this bold new work, and this workshop will be part of a phase one to identify professional artists cross disciplines who are interested in being involved in the project.

The Theatre of Our Bodies collaborators – trained by Furse in her training and devising methodology and dramaturgy - will potentially lead workshops with her in a range of contexts to cultivate local performances. At the end, we will gather these communities into one collective intergenerational performance that layers all these together into one large scale Theatre of Our Bodies production.

About Anna Furse

Anna Furse is Artistic Director of Athletes of the Heart, a production company founded by Anna Furse in 2003 to pursue her interests in the body in performance. The company has created a sci-art theatre work for young audiences Yerma’s Eggs, a performance installation in a London hospital GlassBody and a large-scale theatre work that was initially created in cyberspace by a group of geographically dispersed writers who were then directed by Furse in devising their performance Don Juan.Who?/Don Juan.Kdo?. In 2011 we created an intimate performance event for the Little Angel’s Suspense Festival Sick of Love in which the audience sat around a very large ‘bed’ next to 7 performers who worked intensely with clothes and objects including 100 gold wedding rings and 60 oyster shells to play on themes of love, loss and the nostalgia and association objects carry of the beloved. Furse also that year worked in Serbia on a solo Sea/Woman, a free adaptation of Ibsen’s Lady From the Sea that explores themes of marine catastrophe and the lure of the ocean from the perspective of an older woman. This premiered in Belgrade and toured the UK, and to Beirut, sponsored by the British Council. In 2012/13 the company launched a new research project duet When We Were Birds, exploring memory and the body training in classical forms (ballet) alongside and against political events in the 1960’s, that premiered in the Cantieri Culturali Zisa, Palermo in 2013 with a solo version by Furse performed at the Live Collision Festival Dublin and GIFT Newcastle in 2014. Furse contributed a video installation drawing on her work on hysteria to the Freud Museum’s Mad, Bad and Sad, Women and the Mind Doctors exhibition Oct 2013 – Feb 2014. Don Juan.Who?/Don Juan.Kdo? is published in Furse’s anthology of performance texts Theatre in Pieces – Politics, Poetics and Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Methuen 2011. Furse is a regular international speaker on issues of the body and workshop leader, most recently delivering a paper On Being Touched to the Ethics of Play conference at the Department of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague ( December 2014) and a workshop Some Hysterias with MA students at the school of Creative and Cultural Expression, Ambedkar University, Delhi. Furse is co-director of the Centre of the Body at Goldsmiths, an interdisciplinary research centre currently funded with a small grant from the Wellcome Trust.

Athletes of the Heart has received funding from the Arts Council of England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, The British Council, The British Academy and The Victoria Halls Foundation. Furse has received both an Impact award and a People Award from the Wellcome Trust for her work with her company.

How Do You Apply

Places are limited therefore you need to apply in advance.

Applicants should submit a CV plus a short statement (150 words max) outlining the reason why you would like to participate in this workshop and how you think it will contribute to your professional development.

Please note applications are only open to practicing professional artists and practitioners An active interest in collaborative socially engaged practice is essential. You should have full availability for the day of the workshop from 10am – 5pm on Monday 11 May.

Submit applications via email marked Theatre of Our Bodies to For further information, please send queries to the same email address or contact Lynnette Moran at Create, 01 473 66 00.


You will only be emailed if you have a place on the workshop.

This workshop is being run as part of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Partners: Create-Ireland (coordinating partner) Agora Collective, hablarenarte:, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Live Art Development Agency, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, M-Cult and Tate Liverpool.

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From Context to Exhibition 2015 – launch April 30  

From Context to Exhibition 2015

a group show from The Learning Development Programme 2015, managed by Create

Partners: NCAD, IADT and Dublin City Arts Office/ the LAB

Launch: 30 April
Time: 6-8 pm
Venue: ArtBox Unit 3, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1.

Exhibition: Continues to 9 May. Opening Hours: Thu, Fri, Sat, 12-4 pm; outside these hours book via info (at)

From Context to Exhibition is a contemporary look at how artists seek to translate collaborative processes and practice into the context of the white space. The work presented in From Context to Exhibition forms part of The Learning Development Programme, an experiential learning programme for student artists in fine art courses who want to engage with communities of place and/or interest, and learn more about collaborative arts practice. Each year the student artists work with different communities around Dublin to co create artwork.

This year the diverse work presented encompasses broad themes of collaboration, some which focus on community as source material; and some which is the result of community as co-creator or as communities of interest The students worked with a variety of groups and organisations including a recycling centre; temporary skate park, animal rescue centre and LBGTQ group around marriage equality.

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Nic Green to launch From Context To Exhibition 2015–-april-30–-april-30 Walk, Buzzcut, Nic Green (2015).

Launch: 30 April
Time: 6-8 pm
Venue: ArtBox Unit 3, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1.

Create are delighted to announce that Nic Green will launch From Context To Exhibition 2015 in Artbox on 30 April. Nic is in Dublin as part of the Live Collision 2015 Festival and was a guest tutor on the Learning Development Programme in 2010.

From Context to Exhibition, which takes place annually, is a contemporary look at how artists begin to translate collaborative processes and practice into the context of the white space. The work presented forms part of The Learning Development Programme, an experiential learning programme for student artists, managed by Create

Nic Green

Nic Green's broad and comprehensive practice spans award-winning dance/theatre performance, varied community and public art projects, research-based pedagogical and at the heart of her work. Her research focuses on the development of a reciprocal, relational approach when working with people, place, context or material. She remains committed to developing creative work which can be named as ecological in it’s nature, in the sense that her practice focuses on the study of relationships; the meaning and nature of which emerge through immersive, time and place-based processes. The political aim of this work is to (re) understand and (re) present the narrative of the individual as a part of a mutually dependent ecological paradigm, or gestalt ontology.

In 2010 Nic completed an MSc in Human Ecology for which she conducted an original study on the development and understanding of ecological performance practices.

She has also completed the Natural Change Facilitators Course, and extensive study in Vedanta and Yogic Philosophy. Her work has been commissioned and presented both nationally and internationally to critical acclaim and she is best known for her award-winning Trilogy (*****) which received an estimated 1000 participants, receiving the Arches Award for Theatre Directors, a Dublin Fringe Festival Award and a Herald Angel. Recently she created Vivarium for the Albert Drive Project (an audio experience for one person at a time inside the walls of a Victorian garden), MAKE SPACE for ArtsAdmin (a month long residency on Hackney city farm with 12 makers aged between 17 and 24) and is showing Fatherland at various venues (a dance performance about claiming land as paternity in the absence of a human).

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CAPP Partners Meeting in Berlin – March/April 2015–-march/april-2015–-march/april-2015 The Create Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) team of Ailbhe Murphy (Project Lead) and Lynnette Moran (Lead Producer) and the rest of the eight EU organisations packed in a very productive two days in Berlin, hosted warmly by the AGORA team. The two day meetings (31st March and 1st April), facilitated by Patrick Fox and Susanne Bosch, worked through a busy agenda looking at planning the upcoming events and residencies that the project partners will organise, as well as communications planning.

In December 2014, all partners in the Create Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) attended an initial meeting in Dublin at IMMA facilitated by Suanne Bosch. The COLLAB Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) is an ambitious transnational programme which will be delivered over a period of 46 months. The different strands of the work programme will cumulatively build skills and competences and offer professional development opportunities for collaborative artists through a series of workshops, artist residencies, arts commissions, presentations and a final cultural showcase to be held in 2017. Read more about CAPP.

Partners: Create-Ireland (coordinating partner) Agora Collective , hablarenarte:, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Live Art Development Agency, Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, M-Cult and Tate Liverpool.

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The Art of Dying – May 28–-may-28–-may-28 Image: Ramon Fromont from the film Before You Go by Jorge Leon.

The Art of Dying (Dublin Dance Festival / Bealtaine)

Date: Thursday 28 May
Time: 2.30
Venue: The Gate Lab

Dare we speak of the unspoken, life’s challenging frontier – unrehearsed, unknown, often imagined and widely feared? By what means, if any, might we retain some agency over the process of dying? How can art and artists begin a conversation that is often without words?

Create, the Bealtaine Festival and the Dublin Dance Festival invite a panel of artists, philosophers and end of life care specialists to discuss the role of arts practice within the ethical, philosophical and practical realities of this subject.

Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts, seeks to provide a platform for meaningful discussion on all aspects of collaborative arts. Bealtaine Festival celebrates creativity as we age. They partner with Dublin Dance Festival to present a talk connected to wider issues on art and society raised by Jorge León’s powerful film Before We Go, which features choreographer Meg Stuart.
See the film Before We Go at the IFI, Sun 24 May, 5pm.
Reserve places through the Dublin Dance Festival website.

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The Voice Emerges – Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones – April 16–-april-16–-april-16 Still from The Entity, starring Barbara Hershey (Director: Sidney J Furie 1982).

The voice emerges from the body

/ The speculum is inserted into the body

/ Architecture surrounds the body

Date: Thursday 16th April
Time: Registration 6:30 to 6:45pm
Venue: Green St. Courthouse, Smithfield, Dublin 7. Assemble at Green St. entrance, left door. Audience will be guided to seats.

Event begins 7pm sharp, finishes 10:35pm

Artists Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones will present a research event as part of their collaborative work in progress, In the Shadow of the State. This is an art project co-commissioned by Create (Ireland) and Artangel (UK) to be realised in 2016. In this work the artists are investigating the position of the female body as the focus of repressed histories and political desires under the regulation of the State.

This event at Green Street Courthouse will examine the conflicted relationship between female body and female voice, exploring different constructions of the plausibility of female testimony. This is being presented as part of the programme of the Northern / Irish Feminist Judging Project workshop, running in Dublin from April 16th to 18th 2015.


Tina Kinsella (National College of Art and Design / DIT / Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin) will discuss the roots of female testimony in Greek myth and drama, with reference to contemporary psychoanalytic thought.
Lisa Godson (National College of Art and Design) will analyse the history of gynaecological instruments from a material culture perspective, considering how the users are configured and implied by their design, and the resonances of such implements being used today.
Linda Mulcahy (London School of Economics and Political Science) will present extracts of her research into judicial imaging and the role of court architecture in disciplining female bodies during trials.

These presentations will be followed with a discussion and a screening of the feature film, The Entity starring Barbara Hershey (Director: Sidney J Furie 1982).

RSVP to Olga at Create,

NB This event has very limited seating, names will go on a waiting list and people will be notified on Monday if they have a ticket.

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DIY 12 – deadline April 10, 2015–-deadline-april-10–-deadline-april-10  From Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti's DIY11 Atmospheric pressure: Performance vs Weather

DIY 12: 2015 Call for Proposals

Deadline: Tuesday April 10th, 2015

Professional development projects BY artists FOR artists across the UK and Ireland.

DIY is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art, Live Performance and interdisciplinary live work to conceive and run unusual training and professional development projects for other artists.

In 2015, Create will join a cohort of UK partners to support and host DIY projects in Ireland, with an overall minimum of 20 projects in collaboration with 10+ national partner organisations.

DIY 12’s partner organisations include Abandon Normal Devices (North West), Artsadmin (national), Chelsea Theatre (London), Colchester Arts Centre (South East), Compass Live Art (Yorkshire), Contact Manchester, Create (Ireland), Folkestone Fringe, hÅb (Manchester), Heart of Glass, (North West), Home Live Art (national), Live at LICA (North West), National Theatre Studio (London), Norwich Arts Centre, Sound and Music (national), STUN (Manchester), Unlimited (national) and Warrington Arts Festival (North West).

Follow these links for details of:
The Call for DIY 12 Proposals and Application Guidelines
Information on previous DIY projects

DIY understands that the development of a Live Art practice is as much about the exploration of ideas and experiences as training in skills and techniques, and past DIY projects have proved to be invaluable experiences for project leaders, participants and organisers alike. DIY supports exciting, innovative and idiosyncratic Live Art professional development projects that offer something new and are geared to the eclectic and often unusual needs of artists
whose practices are grounded in challenging and unconventional approaches, forms and concepts.

DIY projects can take any form, can be based anywhere, and can be loosely or rigorously focused on a specific theme/content. We particularly encourage proposals from artists from culturally diverse backgrounds and disabled artists, and artists working in other “politicised” territories.

We are pleased to announce that in 2015 DIY awards will increase by 50%, with each DIY project receiving £1,500 support which covers fees and all direct project costs including venue hire, travel, materials and hospitality.

Game 5 A final networking event — the ‘DIY picnic’ — for all participants, lead artists and DIY partners will take place in late 2015.

Create took part in DIY10 and DIY11. Irish artists Siobhan Clancy and Ciara McKeon were awarded travel bursaries to work with Barby Asante and Jordan McKenzie, respectively, as part of Live Art Development Agency’s DIY10.

DIY 12 is part of the Collab Arts Partnership Programme co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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Tolka commission announcement–-successful-applicants–-successful-applicants  Tolka Nights Art commission 2015. Research image: Matt Green.

Tolka Nights 

OPW Commission with Dublin City Council, Meath County Council and Fingal County Council

Managed by Create

The Office of Public Works (OPW) under the Per Cent for Art Scheme and local arts authorities with Create, have provided funding for a number of Per Cent for Art commissions relating to the creation of flood defence systems on the River Tolka in catchment areas across Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council and Meath County Council.

Create is delighted to announce that Matt Green (lead artist) and an artist group consisting of Sven Anderson, John D’Arcy, Jennie Guy, Conan McIvor and Stuart Sloan have been successful in this exciting commission.

These six artists are collaborating to produce Tolka Nights - a series of three public events set upon the Tolka in late summer 2015. Through a combination of screenings, immersive soundscapes, and performances, these events will explore the Tolka and its significance to an ecosystem, to industries, to communities and to local, regional and national histories. Prior to these evening events, the artists will be developing their works through a diverse range of research and engagement activities, seeking to uncover a variety of perspectives relating to the river Tolka and to the context of the commission as it relates to the planning and implementation of flood defence systems.

For more information on Tolka Nights, contact Katrina Goldstone at Create: communications (at)

Artist Links

Matt Green

Sven Anderson

John D’Arcy

Jennie Guy

Conan McIvor

Stuart Sloan

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Bridge: Croi Glan and West Cork Inclusive Dance Group Bridge: Croi Glan and West Cork Inclusive Dance Group 

Bridge: Croi Glan and West Cork Inclusive Dance Group

Funded by the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme

Report by Kath Gorman, independent producer, who attended the performance of Bridge 31st May 2014 on behalf of Create

There was a sense of occasion and anticipation as hundreds of people gathered at the Pier at Ballydehob, West Cork to see the site-specific performance of Bridge by integrated dance company Croi Glan. This was a fine summer’s evening on the last Saturday of May 2014, attracting and audience from Ballydehob and neighbouring villages. Live music and local artisan food set the scene as the audience looked out at the bridges before them. In particular, catching the attention was the imposing 12 Arch Bridge, which crosses the estuary at Ballydehob and originally carried the West Cork railway..

This project has been many months in the making, involving different local partners - COPE Foundation, West Cork Arts Centre, CoAction and West Cork Mental Health as well as dance and arts participants from West Cork Arts Centre. The diversity of groups involved was clearly evident in the numbers of people both attending as audience members and as performers. Performing with Croi Glan members were also the newly formed West Cork Inclusive Dance Group - created specifically for this project - a diverse group of people from teenagers to older people, with and without disabilities. The group had been working on the project since the autumn, with rehearsals at the site over the last week before the public performances.

A lone voice signaled the beginning of the performance. As the singer, backed by a live band, moved slowly towards the audience, dancers in red and black began to move across the lower footbridge. The footbridge became a moving stage as over time thirty plus performers moved back and forth, arching and bending their bodies athletically and gracefully in solo, duet and group performances. The footbridge became a dance barre, demonstrating the dancers’ physicality, strength and finesse. Mary Nugent, a performer with Croi Glan, and other performers, used their wheelchairs playfully, both as vehicle and dancing partners.

Behind and above them on the imposing 12 Arch Bridge performers moved creating a sense of scale and drama as they reached to the sky. Other performers perched birdlike across the entire width of the same bridge. Aerialist Tara Brandel and her companion lowered themselves to the soulful sounds of ‘strength, courage and wisdom’ and scaled down the side of the bridge on ropes, like mountaineers and arching and circling their way down until they released yellow silks billowing like sails in the breeze. Two rowing boats waited beneath them and this aerial finale ended with a solo figure watching from on high as her two companions were rowed towards the shore and the audience.

Music for the performance was provided under the guidance of musician and composer Eoin Nash of Suisha Inclusive Arts at the COPE Foundation, and arranged and performed by Siobhan Heapes, Miranda McCarthy-Fisher, Anna Murray, Marcus Magdalena. This was a project ambitious in its site, scale and performer numbers, aiming for full inclusiveness and physical expression by all performers that echoed the dramatic cinematic quality of the 12 Arch Bridge.

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