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in social and community contexts


Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme round one 2012: successful applicants


Research and Development Award

Artist; Community; Artform; Location (Context)

Tara Brandel; COPE Foundation/West Cork Arts Centre; Dance; Cork (Arts and Disability)

Maurice Caplice; Upstart; Visual arts; Dublin (Arts and Community)

Mary Keane; Cairde na Rinne/Mna na Tuaithe; Film; Waterford (Arts and Older People)

Garret Keogh; Kilanerin Ballyfad Community Development Association; Theatre; Wexford (Arts and Community)

Emma Eager: Children in Hospital: Film; Dublin (Arts and Health)

Deirdre Power; Limerick Ideas Choir/ Local Heroes; Visual arts; Limerick; (Arts and Community)

Brian Fleming; Spectacle of Hope and Defiance: Visual Arts; Dublin ( Arts and Community)

Research and Development Award with Mentoring

Artist; Mentor: Community; Artform; Location (Context)

Kevin O Shanahan & Marie Brett ; Music/ and Visual arts; Alzheimer Society of Ireland; Cork; (Arts and Health/Community of Interest)

Mentor: Chris Cullen film maker

Maud Hendricks; Group of Muslim women, Dublin 8; Theatre; Dublin (Arts and Cultural Diversity)

Mentor: Sarah Jane Scaife theatre director

Fiona Linnnane; Ballyvaughan Community Development Group; Music ; Co. Clare (Arts and Community)

Mentor: George Higgs composer

Sarah Fuller; St Brendans Nursing Home; Theatre; Co Clare; (Arts and Health)

Mentor: Ríonach Ní Néill, dancer and choreographer

Monica Spencer: Adapt House; theatre; Limerick City; (Arts and Community)

Mentor: Declan Gorman theatremaker and director

Project Realisation

Community; Artist; Project Title; Artform; Location (Context)

Short Term

Gort Family Resource Centre; Ann Maria Healy; Performing Life; Visual Arts/Performance;
Galway; (Arts and Community)

Focus Ireland; Niamh O’Connor; Visual arts; Sligo; (Arts and Health)

Creative Connections/Cork Midsummer; Mark Storor; Hungry Tea; Theatre/Live Art; Cork City (Arts and Cultural Diversity)

Keep the Beat; Jonathan Sammon; Visual Arts/Film; Galway (Arts and Community)

Long term

North Inner City Folklore Project; Owen Boss; The Boys of Foley Street; (Arts and Community)


Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme round two 2012: successful applicants


Research & Development

Artist; Community; Context; Artform; Location

Gareth Kennedy; Eco & Scientific communities Killarney National Park; community of interest; visual arts: Kerry

Marilyn Lennon; Knockatalion Ramblers & Glocher Historical Society; community of interest; visual arts; Monaghan

Dominic Thorpe; XPO Singers Group; community of interest; visual arts; Co Clare

Joseph Coveney; Corduff Action Group; community of interest; visual arts; Dublin

Philippa Donnellan; Asylum Seekers Centre; cultural diversity; dance;

Research & Development with Mentoring

Artist (mentor); Community; Context; Artform; Location

Therese Newman (mentor Marie Brett); St Raphael's Residents & Youghal community; Visual arts; Health; Cork

Michelle Browne (mentor Rionach Ní Neíll); Baby on Board mother & toddler group;
Community of interest; Dublin

Ceara Conway (mentor Fiona Whelan); asylum Seekers; cultural diversity;
Visual arts; Galway

Annette Moloney (mentor David Bolger) LCSP Sports Partnership; community of interest; visual arts/performance; Limerick

Project Realisation

Community; Artist; Project title; Context; Artform; Location

Short Term

Ballyvaughan Community Development Group; Fiona Linnane; Newtown Music Trail;
community of Interest; Clare

Long Term

Sliabh Ban Residents Association Committee; Fiona Hession; Home; community of Interest; visual arts; Galway

The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope; Brian Fleming & Seán Millar; Songs of Grievances & Hope; community of Interest; music; Dublin

International Women's Support Group; Laragh Pittman; Travels into Several Remote Corners of Dublin; Cultural Diversity; Visual; Dublin

Foroige; Maud Hendricks & Anna Rodgers; Inside Walled Gardens; community of Interest; Theatre; Dublin

Glenstal Abbey; Softday (Sean Taylor & Mikael Fernstrom); Amhran na Beacha; Visual arts; Limerick

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Arts and Civil Society Symposium

Kevin Murphy

Voluntary Arts Ireland Chief Officer Kevin Murphy introducing the Create and Voluntary Arts Ireland Arts and Civil Society Symposium, 20 and 21 October 2011, Christchurch, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.

Pat Cooke

Defining Participation and Practice - Policy Perspectives. Martin Drury, Pat Cooke, Marian Fitzgibbon, Pauline Conroy. Chair: Fiona Kearney.

Participation and Practice

Defining Participation and Practice – Policy Perspectives panel. Seated left to right: Martin Drury, Pat Cooke, Fiona Kearney (Chair), Marian Fitzgibbon, Pauline Conroy.

Sarah Tuck, Dr Anthony Downey

Create Director Sarah Tuck introducing the keynote address by Dr Anthony Downey.

Engaging Communities debate

Engaging Communities – The Permeable Institution. One of three concurrent LAB Debates. Left to right: Lisa Moran, Topher Campbell, Declan McGonagle (Chair), Tom Creed, William Ring.

LAB Reports panel

LAB Reports panel. Left to right: Liz Burns, Robin Simpson,  Tony Fegan (Chair), Declan McGonagle.

Cultural and Civic Space

Rethinking Cultural and Civic Space. Pictured (left to right): Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, Annette Moloney, Bernadette Quinn (Chair).

Annette Moloney

Rethinking Cultural and Civic Space. Pictured (left to right): Annette Moloney (presenting), Bernadette Quinn (Chair), Frank McDonald, Faisal Abdu’ Allah.

Arts, Civil Society and Crisis

Arts, Civil Society and Crisis panel. Pictured (left to right): Augustine Zenakos, Carlota Álvarez Basso, Daniel Jewesbury (chair), Gabriel Gbadamosi, Silvana Carotenuto.

Nuno Sacramento

Arts, Civil Society and Crisis. Pictured: Daniel Jewesbury (chair), Nuno Sacramento. Arts and Civil Society Symposium, Cork, October 20-21, 2011. All photos: Susan Walsh.

Create volunteers

Christian Buchner, Katia Rush-Hall (Symposium Coordinator), Aoife O'Leary, Pamela Murray. All photos: Susan Walsh.