The Amulet by Marie Brett

Exhibition continues January 15 – March 28, 2015.

Artist in the Community Scheme: Deadlines

2015 deadlines: March 19 and June 29. Image: Lambay Swim, Vanessa Daws. Visual artist Vanessa Daws & High Rock Swimmers group. The Project received an award in 2013.

In the Shadow of the State

In the Shadow of the State: Sarah Browne and Jesse Jones. An Artangel Commission with Create. Photo: Ferry Dublin To Holyhead, research image, Miriam O’Connor, 2015.

Artist in the Community Scheme: Review

Bridge: Croi Glan and West Cork Inclusive Dance Group. Report by Kath Gorman, independent producer, who attended the performance.

Artist workshop by Blast Theory

I'd Hide You by Blast Theory presented at Sheffield DOC/FEST.

Moving Conversations

Create & Dublin Dance Festival. Image: Simon Alleyne. WITHOUT, an installation by Rosemary Lee.

The Prosperity Project: Jesse Jones

Public art commission Office of Public Works (OPW) & The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) under Per Cent for Art Scheme. Image: WANT Jesse Jones (2012).

Collaborative Arts Performance Pack

Track (pictured) by Graeme Miller (2009) was featured in the Pack.
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